E8- Why we got relationship coaching (even though our relationship is epic) with Tristen

In this special covid isolation episode (yep, we both got the 'rona!), my partner Tristen and I chat about our experience getting relationship coaching, and why we got support!

We aim to get rid of the stigma of 'getting help' and share about why it is better to get support earlier on in your relationship to deal with core wounds and issues so they don't fester.

  • Why we decided to get support
  • What we uncovered over the course of our 10 couples sessions
  • The importance of a sacred space to explore core wounds
  • How this has helped our relationship
  • Ways to integrate our lessons into your relationship if you can't afford to get coaching yourself.


If you're looking for relationship support you can check out my offers for couples here- https://www.sensualartistry.com/couples-coaching

We also have some valentines specials coming up with the Sensual Arts School soon so keep an eye out for that. 

And a shout out to our amazing coach, Sheeana Leigh- https://www.sheeanaleigh.com/